The Story of Henry the RIP Bear

There is a city of dead plush toys called Galdra, were plushies go after their owners break them. In the city of Galdra, was a plush bear named Henry. Henry was thrown away when a dog ripped his head off.

Years went by, as he was spending eternity in the city of Galdra with other plushies, before one day Henry decided to talk to his friend Rolf, the wolf, sharing thoughts on how Galdra although fun, lacked meaning. Henry wanted to be useful again, and he needed advice. “Well”, — Rolf the wolf said, — “you should go and find your purpose, then.”

After taking his time to think, Henry decided to follow his friend’s advice and packed his bags to travel the world.

He needed to make sure that his ripped off head stayed on during the travels; it would be very inconvenient to lose it on the route he thought. So Henry went to his other friend Kurt, the sewing one-eyed rabbit for help… Here the story of Henry, the RIP Bear begins.